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In some situations, prenuptial agreements are essential

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2022 | Prenuptial Agreements |

It seems that there are many couples in Texas who are so excited about marriage that they often tie the knot without taking their futures into account. Understandably, when spouses wed, they do so with the intention of staying together for life. Yet, every year, thousands of people experience divorce. In most situations, a prenuptial agreement is beneficial and even necessary.  

2nd marriages that include children 

Situations involving several families combined into one can lead to complex financial discussions later on. When two spouses are bringing children into the marriage, a prenuptial agreement is crucial. Without a prenup, unintended family members may get a spouse’s assets. A prenuptial agreement can dictate where assets and money should go in the event of divorce or death. 

A family business 

When a person owns a business prior to marriage, a prenuptial agreement is highly recommended. A divorce has the potential to break up multi-generational family businesses. Prenuptial agreements can include protection for family businesses and even intellectual property rights. Having a prenup in place can prove invaluable if spouses one day go their separate ways.  

Knowing what will happen should a divorce occur can give couples much-needed peace of mind. Those in Texas who have questions or want to learn more about prenuptial agreements can benefit by speaking with an experienced attorney. Knowledgeable legal professionals will help future spouses determine the best moves to make for their upcoming marriage.