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How can parents spend child support funds?

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2022 | Child Support |

After a divorce or breakup, parents will have many decisions to make about how to raise their children. Some Texas parents might come to an agreement regarding many of these decisions on their own, but others may be too precarious to resolve without heading to court. Child support is one of those issues a family court judge decides for the child’s protection. While every state has its own formula for calculating the amount of child support a noncustodial parent might pay, the use of those funds also falls under careful regulation. 

While child support payments may go to the custodial parent, the court intends for the parent to use the money for the children’s needs. This may include supplementing the expenses of the custodial parent, such as rent or mortgage, car payments, and utility bills since the children also benefit from these. A parent may also spend monthly payments on the following for the children: 

  • Clothing 
  • Food 
  • Medical care 
  • Toys, books and other objects of interest 
  • Furniture for the child’s room 
  • School supplies 

Thinking ahead can prove invaluable  

Child support rules may not cover all things children need. This is why it is wise for parents to think ahead and come to an agreement about such expenses as daycare, college and extra-curricular activities if possible. Additionally, child support funds in Texas can’t be applied toward a parent’s personal expenses, such as clothes, salon visits or evenings out, even if there are funds left at the end of the month. The courts may consider this an abuse of child support. Seeking out experienced legal support during these times can ensure all of one’s rights are protected while also helping to resolve any issues or disputes that may arise.