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Divorce trend changes over the years

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2022 | High Asset Divorce |

In what used to be called the good old days, people married and stayed married no matter what the circumstances. That is certainly not always true today, and divorce has become a common part of society — or has it? Texas residents, like everyone in the country, often look to start each year anew, and perhaps that’s why divorce filings in January are up by as much as 30%. But is divorce — and especially high asset divorce — as common as what most people believe? 

Some changes 

Couples today are waiting until they’re older to get married. By the same token, when they do marry, many couples stay together. In 2018, 15.7 of every 1,000 women who married will end up going through a divorce. That is much fewer than in 1979 when that number was 23. Today, a divorcing couple does not have to give a reason why they’re divorcing. Laws have also given homemakers — mostly women — strong property rights after divorce, which can, according to a paper written in 2016, increase the number of marriages. 

Couples are smarter 

Many couples have either prenuptial or postnuptial agreements. Some potential spouses don’t leave anything to chance. That was not even on the radar decades ago. These types of documents are especially prudent when the couple has many assets between them and individually. These documents can also serve to safeguard a business in the event of divorce. 

high asset divorce can be emotionally and financially draining on Texas couples. With a significantly higher level of complexities involved, especially with the division of marital assets, having the proper help and support throughout the process can prove critical. An experienced family law attorney can help answer all of one’s questions and concerns and increase the odds of achieving the best possible outcome from this trying time.