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Fathers often have to fight for fair child custody order

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2020 | Child Custody |

Children benefit when allowed to maintain strong relationships with both parents after a divorce. Most courts agree that joint child custody is best, yet Texas fathers often still find they have to fight for equitable parenting time and fair terms. Mothers are not necessarily better parents than dads, but there are some who think it is best for mothers to have primary custody, especially when the kids are young.

When parents are together, dads are frequently expected to have a hands-on role with their kids. They help with bath time, feeding and bedtime routines. To suddenly stop that interaction during separation or after a divorce can be harmful to the mental and emotional well-being fo the kids. Dads are completely capable of being loving, caring and hands-on parents after divorce or during a time of separation.

In situations where mothers have primary custody, fathers often have to make do with seeing their kids for meals or perhaps for a block of time on the weekend. This is not enough time to build and maintain a strong parental relationship. Young kids, even infants, form attachments that are important in their young lives. It is crucial to allow fathers the chance to develop these bonds with their kids.

Child custody is an emotional and complex issue in many Texas divorces. However, it can help when both parents set aside their own feelings and focus on what is best for the kids above all else. This means allowing both parents to have time and an important role in the lives of their kids, even young children.