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Variety of factors involved when determining child custody cases

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2019 | Child Custody |

The decision of how to raise a child is not one that the majority of parents take lightly. And when a relationship between parents ends, it can be difficult to decide how children will be cared for going forward. Texas parents who are facing a child custody decision may benefit from understanding what factors are involved when judges are considering their ruling.

For a family court judge, the knowledge that his or her decisions will impact a child’s life requires careful study a of a variety of aspects that will affect the child going forward. First and foremost of these is what arrangement will best meet the physical, mental and spiritual needs of a minor? This means that a court will examine all of the relationships in the child’s life This will include the parental bonds between both parents as well as those involving siblings and extended family. This will also extend to the child’s educational needs and how they will be met in the future.

The court will also take the lives of the parents into account, including any possible complications regarding their physical, emotional and mental well-being and how those factors could influence their ability to raise their child. The willingness of each parent to help facilitate relationships with the other parent will also be studied. As long as there is no history or suspicions of domestic abuse or other serious problems, judges work from the assumption that the child would most benefit from an on-going relationship with both parents.

A child’s wishes may also be given consideration provided that the child is of an age and maturity to have a valid preference. The issue of child custody is one of the highest priorities for all of the parties involved. Texas parents who find themselves unable to resolve this issue on their own will most likely benefit from the guidance of an experienced family law attorney.