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Some couples may benefit from a different prenuptial agreement

On Behalf of | May 23, 2019 | Prenuptial Agreements |

The decision to move in together is not one that most couples take lightly. Regardless of whether the decision is part of getting married, couples often must make adjustments in learning to tolerate or accept differences in taste and style when it comes to personal property. Texas residents who are either getting married or taking the next step by choosing to co-habitate may benefit from signing a different type of prenuptial agreement.

This contract has been referred to as a “pack it up” prenup. The idea is supported by a storage and moving company as a way of helping couples handle disagreements over personal effects. Couples who are living together often find themselves at odds over how to decorate a new home and how to deal with clutter from their partner.

It is recommended that each partner sort their items into three categories. The first will include the items that both parties agree to keep. The second category consists of those items that need to be either discarded or donated. The last one will list the items over which they cannot come to an agreement on at the time. For these possessions, it is suggested that they are stored and then revisited at an agreed-upon time to make a final decision.

Though it may seem trivial, fights over personal property are common among new couples. Many do not want a new home cluttered with unwanted items, and by signing a “pack it up” prenuptial agreement, the two parties are able to resolve a disagreement without undue animosity. Texas residents who are contemplating moving in with a partner through marriage or as a couple may be concerned about how to protect their assets and property, should the relationship come to an end. An experienced attorney can provide assistance in drafting a prenuptial agreement that will ensure that one’s personal property and assets are protected in the future.