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Political figure ordered to pay back child support or face jail

On Behalf of | May 30, 2019 | Child Support |

Regardless of one’s profession, the obligation to help provide for one’s children is one of the most important matters in life. Though the majority of parents make every effort to ensure that they are in compliance with child support orders, there are parents who find themselves falling behind in these vital payments. Texas parents who are in need of assistance with either making payments or collecting these monies may seek relief through the family courts.

Recently, a former candidate for a state congressional seat was ordered by a judge to make a payment to his former spouse for child support or face a 10-day jail sentence. The judge has ordered the man, Steve Gill, to provide support in the amount of $170,000 by the end of May. He reportedly owes an estimated $245,300, which he has been ordered to pay. His former wife filed a lawsuit in January of this year after not having received support for an unspecified period of time. The amount owed includes medical expenses as well as college tuition costs. 

Gill has a career as a political commentator and radio host. He previously sought a seat in the Tennessee congress. He also owns a media company that runs an on-line site that supports a particular political viewpoint. In addition to the order to pay the arrears support, the judge found Gill to be in contempt of court after failing to appear for a hearing or send a representative to appear for him.

The man denied any knowledge of a court hearing and did not provide any public statements regarding the amount of support owed. Details regarding how Gill fell behind in his payments were not provided in the report. Texas parents who are struggling with issues related to child support custody may benefit from consulting with an experienced attorney who can help them find a resolution that best meets the needs of their children.