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Discussion and compromise suggested for some childcare expenses

On Behalf of | May 9, 2019 | Child Support |

When parents divorce, working out issues over child custody and support may be one of the hardest negotiation points. In general, these orders are based on the parent’s ability to pay along with which parent will spend the most time with the child. However, in spite of the most equitable agreements possible, there will likely be unexpected childcare expenses that Texas residents did not include in their settlement. 

No matter how thorough a child custody and support order may be, almost every family will experience a situation where a child either wants or needs an activity or possession that was not anticipated. In many families, either one or both parents may be financially burdened by both the divorce and post-marriage life. It is recommended that rather than having one of the parents make threats of going back to a judge, parents are encouraged to work out the problem through open communication.

If a child has requested to attend an expensive summer camp, parents can try to find a solution that will allow the child to attend but will not place an undue burden on either parent. In many cases, the parent who feels strongly about the child participating in the activity may wind up bearing the majority of the expense. However, the other parent may offer to spend more time with the child or find another way to compensate the other parent. There may be times when one parent refuses to compromise or negotiate; in these situations, it is better to explain to a child that now is not the best time without making him or her feel at fault. 

It is true that a divorce takes a toll on each parent’s finances. Financial professionals encourage parents to work out a compromise for unexpected childcare expenses whenever possible. Texas parents who are finding it difficult to arrive at an agreeable arrangement concerning child support or custody may choose to consult with an experienced attorney.