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Struggles over child support can affect any income level

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2019 | Child Support |

Difficulties in making or receiving financial support for a child can have a huge impact on the well-being of the child. Child support is intended to ensure that a youngster has all that he or she needs to be healthy and well-adjusted. Texas parents who are struggling financially may have the right to seek modifications.

In spite of purportedly being financially sound, a renowned rabbi has been accused of being several thousand dollars in arrears for support of his college student son. According to records, when the mother and Marc Schneier divorced in 2005, he was ordered to pay $4,200 a month for the first year, which would be increased annually by $200 a month until the child enrolled in college. At that time, Schneier was to continue paying $3,200 until his son completed his studies. The support was to be used for living expenses. 

Apparently, Schneier is approximately $65,000 in arrears. His representative denies that the case is still active. Florida state, where the son resides, has petitioned New York to assist in the matter. It has further asked that any refunds due from the Internal Revenue Service be intercepted and that the rabbi’s passport not be renewed until the matter is addressed. 

Marc Schneier is known for his work in establishing the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding, which fosters the interfaith dialogue between the Jewish and Muslim faiths. He purportedly receives an annual salary in excess of $395,000 plus bonuses. The majority of Texas parents seek to ensure that their children are provided with all that they need. For those parents who are facing challenges in meeting their child support obligations, a consultation with an experienced family law attorney may prove to be beneficial in finding a solution to their difficulties.