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Consistency key for child custody success

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2018 | Child Custody |

Some relationships just do not work out. No matter how hard each individual tries, there are just some things that cannot be resolved and it is time for the Texas couple to part ways. When the couple has only been together for a short amount of time and there are no children involved, this is typically a fairly painless process. However, once children are involved, the process becomes more complicated and child custody issues become a concern.

In most situations, children will spend time with both parents. Many times one parent will have primary custody and the other will have visitation. Regardless of the legal arrangement, children need to know that they are still part of a family and that they still have consistency in their lives.

One way to fulfill both of these needs can be accomplished with how the parents work with each other and strive to maintain normalcy for the children. For example, children often become involved in after school and weekend activities. In most cases, they want to be able to continue participating in the activities regardless of which parent they happen to be with at the time.

Another important factor in keeping things consistent for the children is to have similar expectations and rules at each home. When bedtime remains the same, chores remain the same and other such rules are similar there is less confusion. Structure can be important especially when embarking on this new venture. Child custody concerns can be troublesome for Texas couples; experienced legal counsel can be helpful in this process.