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Child support and back-to-school expenses

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2018 | Child Support |

When summer is over and kids head back to school, parents know this can be an expensive time of year. There are clothes to buy, supplies to purchase and fees to pay for activities. This season can be especially stressful for Texas parents who may be handling these expenses on their own or need additional child support from the other parent. With planning and communication, it is possible to navigate this complex time effectively.

The extra expenses associated with the beginning of school can be a source of contention between two divorced parents. There may be a disagreement over who should pay for what and how the two can get the child what he or she needs. One way to avoid disputes over extra costs is to plan ahead. Some of the things to plan for include childcare costs in case the child is sick, school supplies and more.

Most child support agreements outline how parties will handle major expenses, such as medical care. However, the two parties may not consider back-to-school costs. It may be possible to discuss the matter and come to a reasonable conclusion regarding who will pay for what specific school-related expense, but a parent may find it beneficial to seek legal help when facing significant support-related concerns.

When Texas parents are able to work together on matters related to child support or child custody, it can make post-divorce parenting simpler and more peaceful for all involved. Clear communication and discussion can help parents effectively address unexpected costs, such as those for back-to-school needs. If someone has concerns regarding support and other financial responsibilities, it may be helpful to seek a complete evaluation of one’s case.