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A new kind of prenuptial agreement for the modern era

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2018 | Prenuptial Agreements |

Many Texas residents, especially those considering marriage, or those who are already married, may be familiar with common issues that need to be discussed before two lives become a shared one. A prenuptial agreement is commonly defined as a contract in contemplation of marriage concerning the ownership of their respective assets should the marriage come to an end. In the past, these agreements generally indicated hammering out ownership of physical assets, such as property or finances. This is still the case, but with an added twist for the Facebook generation.

Many people participate in the arena known as social media on a daily basis. With so many online communities to connect on, social media has become an integrated part of countless lives and relationships. While it may not seem like a serious matter, in recent years it has been proven that the use of social media is not always a subject agreed upon by both parties in a marriage.

When Texas couples are considering marriage, they should be aware that prenuptial agreements can now include criteria defining what a couple concludes to be an appropriate use of social media. This can include frequency and content of posts and photos relating to an individual or the relationship. While this may sound silly to some, a prenup is a binding legal document, for which violation by one of both parties can carry a monetary fine.

If couples are considering any prenuptial agreement at all, it may seem confusing to know what can be included and what cannot. Texas couples have the option to seek the assistance of an experienced attorney, who can take their concerns seriously and may be able to help ensure a legal agreement is reached. With issues that may cause future contention settled beforehand, those about to say “I do” can forget the stress and pick the dress!