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Texas parents are finding ways around paying child support

On Behalf of | Nov 27, 2017 | Child Support |

A relationship involving children can be difficult. When that relationship dissolves, the children often become the focal point of the separation. The parents will often agree to the terms of child support and custody before going their separate ways. Sometimes, one parent refuses to fulfill a financial obligation, forcing the custodial parent to turn to the Texas legal system to recoup unpaid child support. That can prove quite tricky when the obligated spouse is a subcontractor.

A mother in another state has learned the hard way that there are limited resources available to parents who are seeking child support payments from an ex who works as a subcontractor. She says that because her ex-spouse is a ride-share driver, he is responsible for his taxes, as well as for reporting and paying court-ordered child support. When he was ordered to pay, the courts issued an order of assignment that went directly to the responsible parent since the parent company will not garnish his wages.

Custodial parents are urging lawmakers to require companies that use subcontractors to garnish wages for child support based on income. They argue with technology what it is today, keeping track of the earnings is not hard and would help significantly reduce the need for court appearances. Regardless, these parents can make an appeal through their state’s family court to seek a wage garnishment from the company. This process can be lengthy and typically requires more legal fees.

Texas courts do their best to ensure that court-ordered child support payments are made as required. When an ex is working as a subcontractor, collecting those payments proves a bit tricky. Having an attorney who understands family law is crucial to seeking legal recourse when a court order is ignored.

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