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Collaborative divorce spawns gentler division of marital assets

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2017 | Property Division |

Many issues within a marriage can lead a Texas couple to opt for a divorce. The process of untangling lives and starting fresh can be intimidating and present many challenges. The division of marital assets and child custody are tow of the biggest hurdles separating couples may face. A trend toward collaborative divorce may help parents to communicate effectively with another in order to co-parent during and after a divorce.

By using collaborative law, spouses are each represented by a separate attorney who helps the client make decisions regarding the financial, legal and emotional issues that a divorce can create. Both parties agree not to take the issues of the divorce to court and share all information pertaining to the marriage and the separation with the representing attorneys. Both parties also agree to attempt to reach a solution that serves the best interests of both spouses and any children. This hopefully will allow parties to attain tools to implement better communication strategies going forward.

Another dynamic attribute to a divorce that uses collaborative law is a family unit that usually comes out intact, even though the parents are no longer living together or married. A neutral financial advisor will review the family’s assets and liabilities to determine the best course of action for both parties to preserve the family’s resources and provide continued support of any children. A child specialist will meet with the children and help them to express their fears and the emotions that a divorce can create while helping parents to come up with an appropriate co-parenting plan.

By using collaborative law to aid in the process of a divorce, Texas families are helping to create a more positive outcome. With the aid of attorneys and other credentialed individuals, parties are advised on child custody and support and the division of marital assets. By using a collaborative approach each spouse is better prepared to make decisions regarding the best course of action during the dissolution of a marriage.

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