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Prenuptial agreement may help prevent asset division problems

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2016 | Prenuptial Agreements |

Some in Texas may think it highly unromantic to prepare for marriage by entering a legally binding contract with one’s intended spouse. Others, however, see many potential benefits in drafting a solid prenuptial agreement before tying the knot. Especially where personal property and assets are concerned, such an agreement may prevent contentious situations from developing should a marriage ever end in divorce.

If soon-to-be spouses wish to retain separate ownership of certain property or items, signing a prenuptial contract is a fairly simple way to confirm these arrangements. This type of agreement can also be used to relegate specific debt to one spouse or the other. Someone entering marriage where an intended spouse has unpaid college loans or credit card debt may see this as a viable option to prevent being held financially accountable for another person’s debt.

Rarely does anyone enter marriage believing the union will end in divorce. However, statistics show this is often the case. Therefore, signing a prenuptial agreement is a logical choice to avoid confusion and arguments regarding property division and other assets if circumstances arise where such decisions need to be made.

A prenuptial agreement is not required for marriage in Texas or any other state. Each couple is free to determine whether this type of contract aligns with their  immediate needs and goals for the future. An experienced family law attorney is able to clarify state law and answer any questions a soon-to-be spouse might have regarding prenuptial  and post nuptial agreements or various other issues pertaining to marriage and divorce.

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