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Even celebrities seek child support modifications

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2016 | Child Support |

Unanticipated happenings can change the financial situation of anybody overnight. Despite the good intentions of a noncustodial parent, a job loss or emergency medical procedure can render a parent unable to pay court-ordered child support. Texas parents facing such difficulties may be surprised to learn that even celebrities may face such dilemmas.

A battle between a Bachelor in Paradise star, Amanda Stanton, and her former husband Nick Buonfiglio received substantial media attention in recent weeks. Buonfiglio filed for modification of the child support order by which he had to pay $2,000 per month for their two daughters. He claims that he is struggling financially, while Stanton’s income has increased substantially since the child support order was calculated.

Stanton reportedly revealed that her endorsements alone yield $23,000, and social media and her fashion blog bring in a further $13,000 per month. She apparently said she budgets about $2,000 per month only for clothes. The father of the two girls asked the court to modify the court order to $530. He also requested more time with his children, claiming that they spend most of their time in daycare while their mother is involved in the filming of the reality show.

Any parent in Texas is entitled to file a request for child support modification with the family court. However, he or she must prove to the court that circumstances have changed significantly before the court will modify the court order to a more affordable amount. Although the prospect of dealing with the family court may be overwhelming, help is available. An experienced family law attorney can assess the parent’s circumstances and provide support and guidance through the legal proceedings of filing for child support modification.

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