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Car registration renewal to be refused if child support is behind

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2016 | Child Support |

Noncustodial parents in Texas who struggle to keep up to date with obligated payments may not be aware that the Office of the Attorney General has announced a new method of enforcement. Those whose child support payment are behind for 180 days or more will not be allowed to renew the registration of their vehicles. This new law will take effect on Sept. 1.

Reportedly, the OAG will remind parents 90 days before the date of registration renewal that they must bring their child support payments up to date before the due date. Tax assessor-collectors will play an important role in the collection of past due child support. According to the OAG, the intention is to see that children in Texas receive the child support as ordered by courts and not to jeopardize the transportation of parents.

One tax assessor said although he agrees with the aim of the law, it might cause delays in the payment process. Also, it may lead to an increased number of unregistered vehicles on Texas roads. Parents who are behind on child support payments may have problems earning money if they cannot use their vehicles to get to work.

Fortunately, noncustodial parents may petition child support modifications in the court. The support and guidance of an experienced Texas family law attorney may be useful to help with the navigation of such action. If a parent can prove a significant drop in income due to job loss, illness or other cause, the court may modify the court order to an amount that is affordable but would still provide for the needs of the child.

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