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April 2016 Archives

Unmarried mothers' challenges to get child support

Child support is a parental obligation that is taken seriously in Texas. In every circumstance, it is in the best interest of children to have the full emotional and financial support of both parents. Following the correct procedures may make the child support process less challenging. It is reported that about 40 percent of all children are born to single mothers.

Trial scheduled for 6-year complex divorce battle

High-asset divorces in Texas -- as in other states -- can continue for years before they are finalized. This is also the case in the complex divorce of Richard and Alicia Stephenson, who filed for divorce in 2009 after a marriage that lasted 18 years. The couple's failure to come to an agreement about the division of their millions and questions about the validity of their prenuptial agreement that could prevent Alicia Stephenson from receiving anything may finally be resolved at a scheduled trial.

Child custody: Avoid competing for a child's favor after divorce

Regardless of how amicable Texas parents are after a divorce, there typically comes a time when one parent feels neglected with regards to his or her relationship with a child. It is not uncommon for mothers' relationships with their children to be very close while the kids are still small, often leaving the father feeling distant. However, as children grow older and start voicing their choices as to who they want to spend time with -- regardless of which parent has child custody -- a mother may find herself feeling pushed to the side.

Property division negotiation costs in divorce can be limited

The intentions of many newly married couples in Texas are to live in marital bliss forever. Unfortunately, not all relationships stand the test of time, and ending a marriage is not only an emotional affair; it could also be a financial nightmare. However, thoughtful and strategic planning -- and disregarding misinformation and feelings of revenge, rage and bitterness -- can allow couples to secure their respective financial futures. A divorce is typically associated with time consuming and costly litigation over property division and child custody, but alternative options are available.

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