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Unaffordable child support can be modified

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2016 | Child Support |

Following a divorce that did not involve mediation, a Texas parent may be overwhelmed by the documents served on him or her by the court. Understanding the details of child support and visitation orders may be difficult, and some may choose to ignore these orders. However, this is unwise and can lead to criminal charges. Help is available to answer questions and explain the way forward.

It is only natural for some parents to react to the court orders by launching a verbal attack on a former spouse or by sending confrontational emails. This may only jeopardize an already difficult situation and is best avoided. Both parents have legal rights, and any visitation arrangements or child support that were set up by the court by default can be modified by taking the appropriate steps.

Communication is typically the most efficient manner in which to reach mutual agreements with the other parent. Couples who find it difficult to communicate calmly may consider using the services of a qualified divorce mediator to facilitate negotiations related to child issues. Although child support is determined by the court, parents can discuss manners in which they will cope with the court-ordered child support. Once agreements are reached, both parties may find it easier to move forward in their new circumstances.

A Texas parent who is unable to pay the court-ordered child support may benefit from discussing the dilemma with an experienced family law attorney. With substantiating documents to prove a job loss or salary reduction, unanticipated medical expenses or other valid reason for the financial difficulty, a motion for child support modification may be filed. A lawyer can pursue an affordable amount on behalf of a client while also ensuring that the best interests of the children remain protected.

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