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June 2015 Archives

Physical custody: Mother learns FBI found child abducted in 1992

A Texas mother whose child was abducted 23 years ago likely believed that she would never see him again. In 1992, the 1-year-old boy was with his father on a planned parental visit. The father failed to return the boy to his mother, who had physical custody, and disappeared.

How will property division impact on business interests?

When Texas couples file for divorce, they are sure to encounter many stumbling blocks when important decisions have to be made. After all, choices at this time may impact the post-divorce lives of the parties. One aspect of a divorce that could potentially bring about contention is property division. This becomes even more complicated when one spouse owns -- or is a partner in -- a business enterprise.

No prenuptial agreement? A postnuptial agreement may be signed

Due to the fact that prenuptial agreement discussions may not go well with dinners by candle light and bunches of roses, couples in Texas and elsewhere tend to procrastinate, convincing themselves to wait until the time is right. Unfortunately, such delays often lead to failing to have that dreaded discussion before the marriage. It is often reported that most divorce cases result from financial disputes, and if both parties are forthcoming about their finances, such disputes during a marriage may be avoided by signing a prenuptial agreement.

High net worth divorce: Bobby Flay's ex fights validity of prenup

When the celebrity chef Bobby Flay and his soon-to-be ex-wife, Stephanie March, attended a court hearing recently, the hostility between the two was evident. Any celebrity couple -- in Texas or elsewhere -- who is going through a high net worth divorce will typically have their private lives exposed by the media, only to make the process more traumatic. Stephanie March is contesting the validity of their prenuptial agreement, asking the court to declare it null and void.

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