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Child support is much more than just basic needs and food

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2014 | Child Support |

Texas couples who are considering divorce will likely find that the aspect of child support may be one of the most difficult issues to handle. It is only natural for parents to be emotional at this time, and without proper consideration, child support agreements may be found lacking when it is put into practice. Fortunately, there are legal professionals who are experienced mediators and aim to assist parents in drafting these important agreements.

It is important for both parents to focus on the bigger picture with regard to the financial requirements to raise a child. In addition to the typical expenses such as nourishment, shelter, clothing and basic needs, parents may want to address additional costs that will allow children to continue the living standards to which they were accustomed. For instance, if children were enrolled in private schools, will that continue, and how will the fees be shared? Extracurricular activities such as camps, sports and field trips, along with private tutoring, will need to be addressed.

Parents will also have to decide on whose medical insurance the children will be — along with the coverage type and whether the premium will be shared. Deductibles and co-pays will need to be addressed as well. The process requires effective communication and compromise, and in cases where emotions get in the way, the objective input of a third-party mediator may be invaluable. Most parents want to provide for their children in the best way they can, despite a divorce.

Couples in Texas may recognize the advantages of addressing all child support issues prior to going to court. It is also imperative to ensure the proper legal documentation of agreements that are reached. While verbal agreements may seem safe at the time, circumstances change and dishonored agreements may lead to future litigation. By utilizing professional services to guide couples through the obstacles of the divorce process, all parties may be able to move forward with the minimum trauma.

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