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June 2014 Archives

Failure to pay child support may negatively affect credit score

It is not uncommon for financial disputes to be the reason for many divorce proceedings in Texas. However, when there are children and child support involved, such conflicts can escalate after divorce. The custodial parent is typically entirely dependent on receiving the child support, while the non-custodial parent may struggle to keep up with obligated payments. The inability to pay the full amount of child support often leads to complete non-payment, which can have consequences that can negatively affect the lives of parents and children.

Social media prenup may avoid divorce over humiliating posts

Many Texas couples are likely aware of the fact that it has become more common for many couples to sign a social media prenup. Social media is part of the lives of almost everybody, and it is not surprising that Facebook has proved to be a factor in many a divorce -- in fact, some say in almost a third of all divorces. People post items on social media on the spur of the moment, forgetting that an item, once posted, cannot be removed. Most posts, especially those that may embarrass another person are almost instantly shared, potentially across the globe.

One should avoid using child support as a bargaining chip

The well-being of Texas children is likely of great importance to their parents. Divorced parents typically want to maintain a strong relationship with their children. Many couples are able to agree on typically contentious issues such as child support and child custody through communication and compromise. However, prior to entering into an agreement for child support, it may help to understand some facts about it.

The importance of a prenuptial agreement in a second marriage

Many Texas spouses will end up committing to a second marriage. Statistics show that 60 percent of those marriages end in divorce. Because a marriage at a later age can involve a greater number of children and a larger amount of savings, it may be advisable for couples to sign a prenuptial agreement.

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