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Appeals court rules parental rights wrongfully terminated

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2014 | Child Custody |

A father’s dream of seeing his little daughter again almost came true this past week. Texas parents may be aware of the case of the father in another state, whose mental impairment and low IQ caused his daughter to be put in the care of foster parents after the mother’s parental rights were also severed. The appeals court ruled that his parental rights were violated when they were wrongfully terminated.

The 2-year-old girl’s paternal grandmother shares the house with the father and she related how upsetting it was to him when he was found mentally incompetent to take care if his child. She also said that she will be there to assist her son in the care of the child. The man is holding down a job and has proven competent enough to do that.

Social Services seem to have a problem with the ruling, because the little girl is still in the care of foster parents together with two of her siblings who have a different father. It has been reported that the goal of Social Services was to keep the three siblings together, rather than splitting them up. The father and grandmother of the child have made several unanswered and unreturned calls to Social Services since the court ruling.

When fathers in Texas feel that they need to protect their parental rights, they may wish to gain an understanding of the legal options available to them. Knowledge about the legal processes that will follow and the procedures of the Texas family court in cases like this may give them a better understanding of their chances to succeed. In successfully presented cases, the court’s finding may be in favor of the father, while still upholding the best interest of the child.

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