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March 2014 Archives

Texas law enforcement cracks down on child support violators

Most parents consider providing for their children an act of love. Sadly, in some cases the court has to order a parent to fulfill their obligation to their family. When child support orders are violated, children are often forced to go without some of their basis needs. Law enforcement in Texas is currently working to ensure that noncustodial parents are held accountable with regard to child support commitments.

Lifestyle clauses in a prenuptial agreement gain popularity

The acceptance and use of prenuptial agreements by Texas couples has increased dramatically in recent years. The thought that these documents are only for the wealthy and unromantic is quickly disappearing. Now that dealing with financial issues in a prenuptial agreement has gained popularity, the use of so-called "lifestyle clauses" is also on the rise.

Organization can allow a Texas divorce easier to deal with

Getting divorced is not usually something that is easily done. It can most often become an emotional and difficult situation to get through. However, one recent report demonstrates how becoming more organized can reduce the stresses of going through a divorce in Texas.

Child custody cases do not just hit Texas residents

Bringing a child into the world is one of the most breathtaking experiences for most parents. Sadly, sometimes an innocent child gets caught in the middle of two parents who were not in a happy or healthy relationship and a child custody case may be the outcome. Not only do people in Texas go through these situations, but infamous icons are also not immune to these cases.

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