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October 2013 Archives

Costs can be a factor for high net worth divorce in Texas

Understandably, divorce is not a common topic of choice among most married couples. However, it does come up when the marriage is coming to a possible end. Divorce in Texas can become quite expensive, so residents may want to know how to keep costs at an affordable level. Even residents who are involved in a high net worth divorce are usually financially conscious during the process.

Should Texas locals get a prenuptial agreement before marriage?

Planning a wedding is usually a time filled with bliss and excitement. For couples getting ready to take the big steps into married life, divorce is the last thing on their minds. However, recent reports show that, statistically, there is an increased chance for divorce if the couple is close to someone who recently got divorced. Residents of Texas might want to consider a prenuptial agreement, just in case.

A civil child custody agreement can be accomplished in Texas

Divorce, for some, may just simply be inevitable. It is not always a sure thing when a couple gets married and sometimes a divorce is what is best for all parties involved. There are several reasons that have been listed as the reasons for divorce in Texas as well as the rest of the region; however, no matter the reason behind the divorce, when a child custody agreement is involved it can become a more difficult situation to deal with.

Child support tips for unwed fathers in Texas

The landscape of the American family has changed considerably in recent decades. It is no longer uncommon for children to grow up in households in which only one parent is present. For men who become fathers but who choose to not remain with their child's mother, a unique set of legal issues apply. In many cases, child support becomes a topic of concern, and many Texas men hold misconceptions about the process of providing for their child.

High net worth divorce: Suggestions to stay afloat financially

Divorce is a topic that many people have different opinions about. It may be true that some men do not express their true feelings in the way some women do, but that doesn't mean the opposite isn't true as well. A recent article stated that men, in Texas as well as all over the nation, are affected more by financial concerns related to high net worth divorce cases. However, many women can be just as affected by this aspect.

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