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A prenuptial agreement may help divorcing couples stay focused

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2013 | Prenuptial Agreements |

The period before and during divorce proceedings can be frustrating and filled with tension and anxiety. The division of property, child support agreements and visitation schedules are matters that require attention and care. For those who are in a profession that requires a great deal of focus and balance, this can be particularly disruptive. If the couple made a prenuptial agreement when they married, it often helps relieve some of the stress associated with this period of a person’s life. One Texas couple who have filed for divorce are using this to their benefit.

Tim Duncan, center for a professional basketball team and his wife Amy have filed for divorce. The paperwork is reported to have been filed at the end of March using only the initials of the two parties involved; presumably to preserve their privacy. Since that time, they have gone about separating their lives in a quiet manner. Amy Duncan has moved out of their home and Tim Duncan has filed separate papers with the court detailing a prenuptial agreement that the two signed prior to their marriage. He has asked that the terms of the agreement be enforced.

The couple agreed to postpone divorce proceedings until 30 days after the NBC finals have been played. This will allow Mr. Duncan to focus his time and attention on his profession and will also be a factor in determining assets that may be a part of a settlement. Mr. Duncan has stated his hope that he and his spouse will be able to reach an agreement that will be in the best interest of their children. Mrs. Duncan has also made it clear that she wishes for their children to continue their relationship with their father and even brought them to the Spur’s game that was played on Father’s Day.

Although the presence of a prenuptial agreement may not be the overriding cause of the calm and measured actions that Tim and Amy Duncan are taking to dissolve their marriage, it obviously helps. There will be matters yet to discuss regarding spousal support, custody and visitation, but much of the property division matters are already settled through the agreement. For this Texas couple and others like them, prenuptial agreements allow them to continue to focus on their individual futures and begin rebuilding their lives as separate individuals.

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