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May 2013 Archives

Morality clause used to move mother's girlfriend out of home

If you get divorced in Collin County, Texas, your divorce decree may include a morality clause that effectively prevents you from having a girlfriend or boyfriend spend the night at your home while your children are in the residence. However, if you marry your new partner, then the morality clause no longer applies, and your kids and your new spouse can stay in the home.

460,000 Texas parents behind on child support

Child support enforcement is a serious issue in Texas, as parents throughout the state depend on those payments for their children's well-being. The Texas Family Code says that a non-custodial parent should pay 20 percent of his or her income for a single child, with the payments going up 5 percent for each additional child.

Child custody dispute leads to interference charge for mother

This blog was started to discuss family law matters that are relevant to Texans. In our Allen, Texas, law practice, we help spouses, parents and grandparents with a variety of issues related to divorce, property division, asset protection, adoption, child custody and child support. To learn more about how Texas family law relates to your specific situation, check back with this blog each week. We'll be posting updates frequently.

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