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No prenuptial agreement? A postnup can protect your assets

Almost every person entering into a marriage has an asset he or she wants to protect. However, many Texas couples fail to sign a prenuptial agreement because they feel the value of their assets does not warrant it. Sooner or later, most married couples disagree on financial matters, and such disputes often lead to divorce. Fortunately, a postnuptial agreement may resolve some of the issues that threaten a marriage.

Giada De Laurentiis may lose assets without prenuptial agreement

Texas is a community property state in which assets accumulated by spouses during marriage are regarded as the property of both spouses. The only assets that will not be divided between the spouses are those brought into the marriage by a spouse, along with inheritances and gifts that remained separate and were never commingled during the marriage. However, by drawing up a prenuptial agreement, couples may specify the manner in which their property will be divided if they decide to get divorced in the future.

Prenuptial agreement may help avoid disputes in property division

Whenever a Texas couple gets married, the future is a mystery. While many people may focus on their dreams, reality is often far removed. Modern young couples often bring significant assets into a marriage, but even if they don't, they may build up a successful business or receive an inheritance worth a noteworthy amount of dollars during their marriage. Peace of mind may be obtained by a well-drawn-up prenuptial agreement. Texas is a community state property, and if one spouse dies, or the couple decides to get divorced, the court will decide on the property division if there is no valid prenuptial agreement in place.

Prenuptial agreement to address issues related to step-families

When Texas couples consider marriage that involves two existing families, they may have many unique issues that need to be addressed prior to getting married. Research into social trends shows that 40 percent of adults in the United States have a step-relative -- whether that be a parent, sibling or child. It found that although many combined families get along amicably, biological kin is believed to create a stronger feeling of responsibility in most adults. In order to protect the interests of both families, a well-drafted prenuptial agreement may be appropriate.

Chris Rock's prenuptial agreement is no longer valid

Many couples in Texas understand the need for a prenuptial agreement, along with the importance of competent legal advice when such an agreement is drafted. However, how many people remember to review their prenuptial agreement every few years? Revisiting one's prenuptial agreement will remind one of the contents and any stipulations that have to be followed. While prenuptial agreements don't commonly expire, there may be a sunset clause that may render it invalid after a particular date.

What are the benefits of a Texas prenuptial agreement?

There are two schools of thought when it comes to the subject of prenuptial agreements. Some people consider such an agreement as the killer of romance, while others appreciate the importance of being proactive in dealing with potential issues related to the financial side of a marriage. The number of Texas couples opting to sign a prenuptial agreement is growing as they recognize the positive effect honest financial discussions can have on a marriage.

Prenuptial agreements not only for asset division and divorce

Texas residents may be aware of the negative connotations surrounding prenuptial agreements, and determining when to broach the subject may produce high levels of anxiety. Instead of regarding a prenuptial agreement as a means to protect one’s interests in the event of a divorce, couples may consider the positive aspects of such a document. Rather than regarding it as a directive for asset division, they may recognize that it is the perfect way for a couple to test their ability to communicate in an open and sincere way about their individual financial situations and how they will handle their combined finances during their marriage.

Busy lives require modern additions to a prenuptial agreement

Times have changed, and many modern couples consist of two parties who are equally successful in their respective professions. Their extremely busy lives may make it difficult for couples to manage their lives away from work. Hence, many divorces occur due to disagreements about trivial matters that seem to have a tendency to snowball. While a prenuptial agreement seems unromantic, more and more couples recognize the importance of such agreements. Texas couples may be interested in other agreements that some couples are signing in order to lay down rules in their relationships.

Record choice of community estate in prenuptial agreement

While most Texas couples would prefer not to give thought to the possibility of divorce at the time they get engaged and start planning their wedding, it is difficult to ignore statistics that show that about half of all American marriages end in divorce. No matter how blissful a relationship is, divorce remains a possibility. Being prepared would make sense for most modern couples, and the best way to protect the interests of both parties might be a prenuptial agreement.

Social media prenup may avoid divorce over humiliating posts

Many Texas couples are likely aware of the fact that it has become more common for many couples to sign a social media prenup. Social media is part of the lives of almost everybody, and it is not surprising that Facebook has proved to be a factor in many a divorce -- in fact, some say in almost a third of all divorces. People post items on social media on the spur of the moment, forgetting that an item, once posted, cannot be removed. Most posts, especially those that may embarrass another person are almost instantly shared, potentially across the globe.

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