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Man doesn't honor child support requirement, goes to jail

When a court orders a person to do something, they are legally obligated to follow the order. This is true for any type of legal proceeding, including child support orders in Texas and throughout the nation. If a divorced parent fails to make the court-ordered payments, he or she may end up in the middle of a legal problem. Criminal charges might be filed, which could result in serious fines and even time behind bars.

22 Texas child support violators rounded-up in 1-day sweep

Not bad for one day's work. The teaming-up between the State Attorney General's child support division and eight Texas constables took a bite out of the deadbeat-dad problem according to an official report released the final Monday of July. A total of 22 child-support violators will be held painfully accountable for having attempted to dodge their moral and court-ordered responsibilities to their kids.

460,000 Texas parents behind on child support

Child support enforcement is a serious issue in Texas, as parents throughout the state depend on those payments for their children's well-being. The Texas Family Code says that a non-custodial parent should pay 20 percent of his or her income for a single child, with the payments going up 5 percent for each additional child.

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