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Child Support Archives

The new tax law and its impact on child support

As 2018 begins to wind down, the implications of the tax law passed earlier in the year are nearing reality. The impact of the law on alimony and child support in Texas is considerable. Changes include child dependency exemptions, the child tax credit and how 529 college accounts are handled. All of this may result in couples who are considering divorce to carefully consider their options.

Paternity fraud doesn't mean the end to child support payments

Many Texas couples who are expecting a child have much to look forward to. Even if those expecting children are not married, they usually still experience the same joy and excitement married couples feel when they welcome a newborn into the world. What should be a time of excitement and expectations can also raise questions when the mother of the child has not been entirely honest or faithful regarding the paternity of the child. Paternity fraud, whether intentional or not, can be damaging to the child and the father figure involved, and it can create issues with regards to child custody and child support.

Overpayment of child support leads to investigation

A Texas family court dictates the amount of financial support a noncustodial parent is obligated to pay. Modifications to child support agreements can be made, but only through legal means. Changes that are made without the authorization of the court can lead to missed payments, interest accrual and possible jail time. But what happens when a parent is continually garnished for payments after the child has become emancipated?

Child support helps Texas kids reach their full potential

Supporting a child is a tremendous undertaking. The financial, emotional and time investment is a life-long commitment. Regardless of the parents desire to remain together as a couple, the commitment to the child or children remains in place. Child support agreements are often set in place to help custodial parents feed, clothe and shelter the kids. When a parent is unable to make the payments, Texas courts will often step in.

Texas parents are finding ways around paying child support

A relationship involving children can be difficult. When that relationship dissolves, the children often become the focal point of the separation. The parents will often agree to the terms of child support and custody before going their separate ways. Sometimes, one parent refuses to fulfill a financial obligation, forcing the custodial parent to turn to the Texas legal system to recoup unpaid child support. That can prove quite tricky when the obligated spouse is a subcontractor.

Texas child support may not be a private matter

The break up of a relationship can be hard, especially so when children are involved. Whether one is a celebrity or an average citizen of Texas, the dissolution of the union can then become open to public scrutiny. One such athlete, Miguel Cabrera, has found himself at the other end of a lawsuit initiated by a woman in another state. She claims that he is not paying enough in child support, and he says she is simply trying to extort him under the guise of child support.

Social status plays no part in Texas child support agreements

When Texas parents separate, children can often be left with the uncertainty and bitter banter that a child custody dispute can cause. Some parents can work through the disagreements and find a schedule that works for both parties and allows the children equal access to both parents. In cases where there is unresolved hurt between the parents, the custody battle can rage on and cause bumps in the road to finalizing the agreement. In the case of Rob Kardashian and his once fiancé but now ex-girlfriend Blac Chyna, the long, drawn out and very public breakup has finally reached a settlement with regard to the custody and child support payments concerning their infant daughter.

Texas parents behind on child support denied registration renewal

Having a vehicle or some form of reliable transportation is paramount not only to earning a living but also in the freedom of going wherever, whenever. What comes as a surprise for most Texas parents who are behind on their child support payments is a statue that has recently been put into effect to help keep noncustodial parents on top of child support payments. The state now will not allow those more than six months behind in payments to renew their motor vehicle registrations.

Texas man owes child support for a child that is not his

The birth of a child is often a wondrous and highly anticipated event for the parents. Planning and preparing for the arrival of the newest member of the family can be an exciting time when names and nursery colors are chosen. For some Texas residents, the situation may be less than perfect when the sweet bundle of joy makes his or her appearance. The parents may be in the process of a divorce or if the parents weren't married, the relationship may have recently ended, leaving the primary caregiver seeking child support and/or a custody agreement.

Texas residents understand their rights in child support cases

When a relationship dissolves and children are involved, the financial and custodial care of the kids is sometimes split between the parents. One parent is usually required or openly agrees to pay a portion of the expenses associated with raising and caring for the children born during the relationship. Even with the best of intentions, circumstances change, and those necessary child support payments can fall behind or become increasingly difficult to make for Texas residents.

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