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Prenuptial Agreements Archives

Gray divorce can be particularly difficult to navigate alone

It is reported that the number of older people in Texas and other states that are choosing to end their marriages is rising. Deciding to divorce after the age of 50 brings a number of additional concerns. While the financial toll can be significant on both parties, women may be more seriously affected. Unfortunately, gray divorces are sometimes ruled by emotions and the need to get the proceedings over and done with as quickly as possible,

No prenuptial agreement may cost Johnny Depp dearly

The break-up of the 15-month marriage between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has been reported all over the media. Apart from the news that Heard accused Depp of domestic violence, it is speculated that the couple did not sign a prenuptial agreement. That leads to lots of speculation about the division of assets, as they live in a community property state with divorce laws similar to those here in Texas.

Broaching the subject of a prenuptial agreement can be difficult

Given the high number of divorces nationwide, including in Texas, those who are considering marriage will likely recognize the importance of protecting their interests and also those of their soon-to-be spouses. It is not uncommon for couples to neglect to sign a prenuptial agreement because both parties are concerned about jeopardizing the relationship. However, there are ways in which to broach the subject in a positive manner that will ultimately benefit both parties.

Older and getting married? Consider a prenuptial agreement

The average age of couples walking down the aisle is said to be increasing. While previous generations typically got married in their early 20s, millennials say "I do" closer to 30 years of age. Also, many same-sex couples who have been together for years can now get married as a result of the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision, and other couples may be getting married for a second or third time. With the high number of divorces nationwide, including here in Texas, a prenuptial agreement may be an important insurance policy in the event of a subsequent divorce.

Postnuptial or prenuptial agreement can avoid divorce contention

Although some celebrity divorces involve months or even years of bitter legal battles, the divorces of others may even provide valuable lessons to divorcing couples nationwide, including some in Texas. When Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith announced their intention to consensually divorce back in June of last year, many people were cynical about their ability to keep it civil. However, the couple showed that by the lack of a prenuptial agreement, a postnuptial agreement can resolve some of the issues.

Divorce: There is much to learn from celebrity break-ups

The high number of well-known couples who have gone through divorces in recent months is staggering, and more couples seem to be added to the list daily. There are certainly lessons to be learned from many of these much-publicized divorces. One aspect of many high-profile divorces that seems to lead to ongoing legal battles is the lack of written contracts. There are manners in which assets in Texas marriages can be divorce-proofed.

Prenuptial agreement: A valuable document for blended families

Marital agreements are sometimes seen as unromantic and counterproductive, although they are meant to give both parties peace of mind and the ability to focus on their love and their marriage. In Texas and elsewhere, a prenup is often regarded as a necessity for couples with high assets. This type of agreement may also protect the assets of less wealthy couples. Nevertheless, many ask why they should consider a prenuptial agreement.

Post-divorce financial matters to consider

Texas couples who are going through a divorce may be so overwhelmed by all the important decisions and considerations that form part of the process that they fail to pay attention to practical issues that may affect their post-divorce financial stability. That is quite understandable because most people are in emotional turmoil at such a difficult time. However, qualified advice for all aspects of a divorce is available.

Financial demons can be addressed in a prenuptial agreement

Texas readers may find it interesting that financial disputes are reported to be the cause of 22 percent of divorces nationwide. This may underscore the importance of a prenuptial agreement that gives a couple the opportunity to discuss their financial concerns and demons before the big day. If both parties are open and honest, they can set immediate financial goals, and with continued communication, they can adjust future goals to accommodate changed circumstances that occur in any marriage.

No prenuptial agreement? A postnuptial agreement may be signed

Due to the fact that prenuptial agreement discussions may not go well with dinners by candle light and bunches of roses, couples in Texas and elsewhere tend to procrastinate, convincing themselves to wait until the time is right. Unfortunately, such delays often lead to failing to have that dreaded discussion before the marriage. It is often reported that most divorce cases result from financial disputes, and if both parties are forthcoming about their finances, such disputes during a marriage may be avoided by signing a prenuptial agreement.

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