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Prenuptial Agreements Archives

A prenuptial agreement is not just for the wealthy of Texas

The excitement of courtship and pending nuptials can have many Texas couples caught up in a whirlwind of emotions and tasks. Picking the perfect venue and sampling the tastiest of cakes and entrees sometimes overshadows some of the seemingly small items on a very long to do list. One item that many couples overlook is the prenuptial agreement, as many see prenups as something only the wealthy do. To the contrary, a prenuptial agreement not only keeps the boundaries of individual finances before marriage well outlined, the contract also stipulates what other important assets each future spouse brings to the union.

Financial planning during a Texas divorce

A marital break up can be a hard life situation to go through. The dissolution of a family unit is never easy, and the emotional stress can take a severe toll on the separating parties. Divorce and separation can also bring on financial pain, especially for partners who are not used to or have never had the responsibility of handling the couple's finances. Texas couples who are poised for a separation or have recently parted ways will likely want to focus on protecting their financial assets.

Prenuptial agreement allows Texas couple to plan for the future

Planning for the future is a key component of many happy marriages. Prior to the ceremony, the happy Texas couple plans the wedding, the honeymoon and the first part of their life together. One other area in which they need to plan is their financial life. For many, the development of a prenuptial agreement is a good place to start.

Signing a prenuptial agreement can benefit business owners

Texas couples who are considering marriage typically have an abundance of planning to do before the wedding. Those who own a business or share in a business might want to do some extra planning before saying "I do." Because so many marriages these days unfortunately end in divorce, deciding how to separate assets before marriage can be helpful later. One way to insure this is to sign a prenuptial agreement.

Prenuptial agreement may help prevent asset division problems

Some in Texas may think it highly unromantic to prepare for marriage by entering a legally binding contract with one's intended spouse. Others, however, see many potential benefits in drafting a solid prenuptial agreement before tying the knot. Especially where personal property and assets are concerned, such an agreement may prevent contentious situations from developing should a marriage ever end in divorce.

Can a divorce court declare a prenuptial agreement invalid?

When Texas couples become serious and start planning weddings, it may also be the best time to put romance aside for a little while and discuss the protection of each spouse's assets. It may be a difficult subject to raise, but a divorce or death of one spouse is a possibility that deserves consideration. A prenuptial agreement is similar to insurance and understanding what can be included, along with the legal requirements of such a contract, may be helpful.

The damage done by divorce depends on how it is navigated

When Texas couples say "I do," very few of them anticipate that, "I no longer do" might be uttered by one of them at some time in the future. Some say a divorce will be the financial ruin of a man and others say the same about women -- it depends on who is talking. Whichever way, most divorces do not have to include expensive courtroom battles, leaving one or both spouses with empty bank accounts.

Prenuptial agreement: Can cohabitants protect their interests?

As the dynamics of many Texas families change, there are more and more couples who choose to cohabitate -- often with the intent to marry at a later date. Although living together may perfectly fit the circumstances of a couple, untangling finances in the event of a breakup can be messy. Cohabitating couples may want to consider signing a cohabitation agreement, which is similar to a prenuptial agreement for married couples.

Prenuptial agreement important for an older couple

Texas residents who are considering marriage later in life have many aspects to consider. Choosing between marriage and cohabitation is complicated, as each option has pros and cons to evaluate. These are important decisions that may deserve the advice and guidance of skilled legal counsel to ensure informed choices are made. When one or both parties in an older couple have accumulated assets and/or built successful businesses, a prenuptial agreement may be worth considering as a viable proposition.

High net worth divorce may be best navigated by skilled attorneys

Along with child custody, property division is likely the other most challenging aspect of any divorce. Dividing property in a high net worth divorce is typically an even more complicated process. However, with the guidance and support of the experienced Texas attorneys of Warmbrodt, Winslow & Associates, positive results may be achieved in divorce and property division.

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