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Prenuptial Agreements Archives

Texas parents urge children to consider a prenuptial agreement

Many work their entire lives and save to accrue a savings and some assets. These assets are usually then left to any children once the owner passes on. Sometimes, the wealth one has worked so hard to achieve can be snatched away from the child whom it was intended for should a divorce occur. Urging engaged children to consider a prenuptial agreement could save the wealth that Texas parents worked so hard to pass on.

A prenuptial agreement can save a Texas retirement account

A marital breakup can be a hard life situation to go through. The dissolution of a family unit is never easy and the emotional stress can take a severe toll on the separating parties. Divorce and separation can also bring on financial pain, especially for partners who are not used to or have never had the responsibility of handling the couple's finances. Texas couples who are planning to marry should consider protecting their current and future financial assets with a prenuptial agreement.

Seeking legal advice for a toxic Texas divorce

Relationships come to an end for many reasons. When a Texas couple decides that they can no longer foresee a future together, separating may be the next logical step. As the marriage ends, most will agree that an amicable divorce is in the best interest of both parties. Sometimes, one spouse may become impossible to work with and make the process of severing all ties with them hurtful, emotionally draining and time-consuming.

A prenuptial agreement can protect Texas inheritences

When couples decide it is time to take the next step in their relationship, buying the ring, getting engaged and planning the wedding become the focus. Many Texas couples don't consider a prenuptial agreement as a necessity or think that the thought of one sours the blissful mood. Protecting one's assets and keeping a future spouse's pre-marriage debts as just that, the spouse's, can be the first step to an open and honest marriage.

Prenuptial agreements for Texas residents on subsequent marriage

The breakup of a marriage is a tough situation to go through, yet many people tend to do it more than once. With divorcees having been through the breakup process before, one could assume that they have learned from their mistakes. Recent studies have concluded that this simply is not the case. Many Texas residents on their second or third marriage repeat their mistakes with regard to a divorce and cost themselves more money and anguish in the long run. Prenuptial agreements can help to alleviate the financial mess that the dissolution of a marriage can create, regardless of which number marriage it may be.

More Texas Millennials are seeking a prenuptial agreement

Many young Texas residents are putting off marriage until their later years. By doing so, they seem to be more focused on building careers and wealth before tying the knot. Coming into a marriage with assets and wealth can make some feel uneasy and lead couples to the discussion of a prenuptial agreement.

Drafting a prenuptial agreement to fit individual circumstances

Engaged couples can get easily overwhelmed with the planning of the actual wedding event. From choosing the perfect Texas venue to finding the best tasting cake, nailing down all the details can be a time-consuming, all-encompassing life event. But little details, like a prenuptial agreement, can often be overlooked and could have heartbreaking consequences later down the road. In the unfortunate event that a couple should divorce, a properly executed agreement can help lessen the guilt and anger that divorces can sometimes create.

Is a social media prenuptial agreement right for Texas couples?

Divorces can be messy and spouses can sometimes turn to unfavorable tactics when emotionally hurt. With the ever increasing popularity of social media, the opportunity to seek vengeance in a very public way may seem like a means to achieve personal justice without having to physically be present with the other person. Many Texas attorneys are urging newly engaged couples to look at a social media prenuptial agreement.

Allan Thicke's prenuptial agreement is questioned

Marriage can be an exciting time for couples, but for some Texas residents who happen to have a considerable amount of wealth, it can be stressful and uncertain. Most people who have an extensive and attractive financial background seek the comfort and safety of a prenuptial agreement during the early stages of an engagement. A well thought out and properly executed prenuptial agreement can save uncertainty and ill feelings should a marital union dissolve or one partner pass away. When executed correctly, the agreement can keep families out of an expensive and drawn out court battle.

Closing the Texas income gap with a prenuptial agreement

Little girls can sometimes dream of fairy tales and princes coming to their rescue. Marriage follows and so does the happily ever after. In reality, princes are far less likely to rescue damsels in distress, and the happily ever after is usually not ever after, after all. Divorce is a common occurrence in Texas and for some couples, one spouse may bring a significant amount of income to the financial bucket. Couples can successfully protect their income and keep the marriage lines open and honest with a prenuptial agreement.

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