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High Asset Divorce Archives

High net worth divorce involving alleged abuse finalized

The daughter whose parents were once the main shareholders of a large electrical corporation later sold to ABM Industries recently had her divorce finalized. She went from that courtroom to another floor where her ex-husband appeared to hear when he would have to be back in court on charges related to an alleged attack on her. Texas residents may be interested to learn what sparked this attack, months before the high net worth divorce.

Tony and Heather Podesta in the midst of a complex divorce case

It is not uncommon for the divorce proceedings of high-profile couples to attract the attention of the public. The complex divorce of the lobbyist couple, Heather and Tony Podesta, is being widely reported currently, and the biggest bone of contention seems to be the 1,300 artworks in their possession. With Texas being a community property state, each party is trying to protect their own interests and to claim their fair share, rather than settling for the prescribed 50/50 division of assets.

High net worth divorce between Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin

The decision to file for divorce is never an easy one. Even when couples have all intentions to part amicably, some contentious matters are bound to make an appearance. This is especially applicable to high net worth divorce filings. Both parties need protection of their own interests, while at the same time they try to minimize the potential harmful effect of divorce on any children. Texas residents may be aware of the looming divorce of actress Gwyneth Paltrow and singer Chris Martin.

A complex divorce; less stressful in Texas by telling the kids

Getting married and having children is a part of life to which most people look forward. However, things may change in a relationship that can lead to calling it quits. When children are involved, it can understandably become a more complex divorce. The fear of parents getting divorced is something that, unfortunately, sometimes becomes a reality, and most Texas parents want their children to be informed of what is happening and why.

Texas spouses should not fear a complex divorce for any reason

Sometimes it is the fear of a new beginning that keeps people from getting out of a bad marriage. For couples in Texas, it can be hard to make the decision to go through with ending the relationship. What other people may think or say after a complex divorce may also be a factor, but there are things that can be said to make a divorce not seem so bad.

High net worth divorce to start the new year in Texas

Divorce is the right choice for some. Some couples get married on a whim, and some get married because they feel a connection that they believe will make their marriage last. But not every marriage will last. Why should a Texas couple stay together if a high net worth divorce would be a better way to start the new year?

Lessons to learn before a high net worth divorce or otherwise.

Happiness is something that comes from within. Surrounding one's self with happiness does not always ensure that he or she will be happy. Texas residents deserve to be truly happy regardless of marriage status. In a relationship where one person is not truly happy, a high net worth divorce can wind up being the outcome.

Costs can be a factor for high net worth divorce in Texas

Understandably, divorce is not a common topic of choice among most married couples. However, it does come up when the marriage is coming to a possible end. Divorce in Texas can become quite expensive, so residents may want to know how to keep costs at an affordable level. Even residents who are involved in a high net worth divorce are usually financially conscious during the process.

High net worth divorce: Suggestions to stay afloat financially

Divorce is a topic that many people have different opinions about. It may be true that some men do not express their true feelings in the way some women do, but that doesn't mean the opposite isn't true as well. A recent article stated that men, in Texas as well as all over the nation, are affected more by financial concerns related to high net worth divorce cases. However, many women can be just as affected by this aspect.

Getting along after a high net worth divorce in Texas

Now that all of the court dates are done and all of the paperwork is signed, what happens next is entirely up to the couple. Going through a high net worth divorce with children will often have two goals: asset division and a parenting agreement. Both of these issues can be emotionally charged and can leave both parties feeling drained and perhaps even a bit resentful. Putting aside any negative feelings may be a challenge for some Texas parents.

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