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High Asset Divorce Archives

Spouses in high net worth divorce battle over donation funds

When a wealthy couple in Texas divorces, everything is likely to be on a grander scale. There may be multiple houses, cars and collections to split, as well as money and investments. The more money a couple has, the more easily one spouse can hide assets from the other. This happens frequently in a high net worth divorce, and it is not unusual for one spouse to be suspicious that the other has kept something back from property division.

Complex divorce of Paul Haggis and Deborah Rennard finalized

After an extensive legal battle, the Oscar-winning director and screenwriter, Paul Haggis, and Texas actress Deborah Rennard can finally move forward with their lives. A settlement has been reached in this complex divorce. Haggis reportedly remarked that the divorce will have him writing more checks than screenplays.

Trial scheduled for 6-year complex divorce battle

High-asset divorces in Texas -- as in other states -- can continue for years before they are finalized. This is also the case in the complex divorce of Richard and Alicia Stephenson, who filed for divorce in 2009 after a marriage that lasted 18 years. The couple's failure to come to an agreement about the division of their millions and questions about the validity of their prenuptial agreement that could prevent Alicia Stephenson from receiving anything may finally be resolved at a scheduled trial.

Complex divorce: Ex-Mrs. Jason Flom reported to live in poverty

High net worth couples in Texas who are considering divorce may want to explore all their options before deciding to go the route of litigation. It is not uncommon for a complex divorce case to continue for years before a final settlement is reached. The former wife of Jason Flom -- the founder of Lava Records -- is reported to be suffering the consequences of such an ongoing divorce case.

Are you capable of navigating a high net worth divorce alone?

When Texas individuals with high net worths consider divorce, there are numerous aspects that will need thorough consideration. It is also not uncommon for spouses in complex divorce situations to disagree on multiple levels, and suspicions or mistrust may lead to lengthy litigation procedures. Each spouse may benefit from selecting a team of professionals to preserve his or her financial and emotional investments throughout a high net worth divorce.

Was high net worth divorce of Affleck and Garner timed perfectly?

Texas readers might be aware of the recent divorce filing of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. According to many media reports, this has been a long time coming. However, could the date of their divorce filing have been carefully planned? A high net worth divorce can be complicated, and both these movie stars are worth millions.

High net worth divorce: Bobby Flay's ex fights validity of prenup

When the celebrity chef Bobby Flay and his soon-to-be ex-wife, Stephanie March, attended a court hearing recently, the hostility between the two was evident. Any celebrity couple -- in Texas or elsewhere -- who is going through a high net worth divorce will typically have their private lives exposed by the media, only to make the process more traumatic. Stephanie March is contesting the validity of their prenuptial agreement, asking the court to declare it null and void.

Final ruling imminent in the Hamms' complex divorce

Texas readers may be interested to learn about the recent news that a final ruling is imminent in the high net worth divorce of Harold and Sue Ann Hamm. The soon-to-be divorced couple resides in an adjacent state, and Mr. Hamm is said to be number 29 on the list of richest Americans. The source of the bulk of his business assets -- estimated to be about $14 billion -- is apparently his 68 percent share in Continental Resources. The couple's marriage lasted for 26 years, and it is reported that they never signed a prenuptial agreement before their wedding -- a fact that is a contributing factor in this complex divorce.

Kenneth Griffin's high net worth divorce filing shocks his wife?

Citing an irretrievable marital breakdown as the result of irreconcilable differences, Kenneth Griffin recently filed for divorce in another state. This filing was not entirely unexpected, as the couple had been separated for over a year. However, his wife was unaware of his intention to file for divorce while she took their three children on a summer vacation. This high net worth divorce will likely catch the attention of many residents in Texas. This was Kenneth’s second marriage, while it was his wife’s first.

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