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How to protect assets in a complex divorce in Texas

People going through a divorce where a lot is at stake financially are likely thinking about one thing in that respect -- protecting their assets. There are many issues surrounding a complex divorce, but the primary contentious one seems to be finances. There are a few things Texas residents who are in the throes of divorce might consider doing to keep from losing most of their assets.

Complex property division is common feature of gray divorce

There are several contributing factors that may lead to a more complicated divorce. Significant assets, difficult exes and age can make reaching an agreeable divorce settlement difficult, and may even drag on proceedings for longer than either party is happy with. Complex property division might be especially troublesome for those older than 50.

Complex property division can hold up the finalization of divorce

There may come a time in a Texas married couple's life that staying together is no longer an option. The divorce can move forward with little to no hiccups, but in some cases, especially those involving a complex property division, the proceedings can last for months. Add spurned adult children to the mix and a possible love affair, and the divorce process can become even more lengthy and costly.

Owning a business can create a complex divorce

Many Texas entrepreneurs build their wealth with a spouse. Working side-by-side, they find a niche in a market and work together to build a dream. As time passes, the relationship may start to unravel, and the couple may be looking at filing for a divorce. Untangling years of a intimate relationship can be painstakingly frustrating and time consuming, but when a privately owned business is one of the assets, one may find it difficult to objectively look at the possibility of a complex divorce.

A complex divorce and Texas politics

When a Texas resident is elected to a seat in the political realm, his or her life becomes open to scrutiny. Almost all personal issues come center stage, and the public then has the opportunity to weigh in with opinions and ideas. When a complex divorce becomes pubic knowledge, politicians and family members should be prepared to have every aspect of the events surrounding the entire marriage placed on display. A high-ranking official in another state is learning the hard way how politics and married life may not always mix.

Protecting assets in a Texas complex divorce

Executives and business owners are not exempt from the perils of real life, love and loss. Divorce can reach its tendrils into any marriage, regardless of how wealthy, poor, educated, or how in love a couple once was. Texas executives and business owners may want to take extra caution to safeguard their financial future should a dissolution of nuptials appear on the horizon, as a complex divorce could be time-consuming and expensive.

Spouses in high net worth divorce battle over donation funds

When a wealthy couple in Texas divorces, everything is likely to be on a grander scale. There may be multiple houses, cars and collections to split, as well as money and investments. The more money a couple has, the more easily one spouse can hide assets from the other. This happens frequently in a high net worth divorce, and it is not unusual for one spouse to be suspicious that the other has kept something back from property division.

Complex divorce of Paul Haggis and Deborah Rennard finalized

After an extensive legal battle, the Oscar-winning director and screenwriter, Paul Haggis, and Texas actress Deborah Rennard can finally move forward with their lives. A settlement has been reached in this complex divorce. Haggis reportedly remarked that the divorce will have him writing more checks than screenplays.

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