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Child Custody Archives

Consistency key for child custody success

Some relationships just do not work out. No matter how hard each individual tries, there are just some things that cannot be resolved and it is time for the Texas couple to part ways. When the couple has only been together for a short amount of time and there are no children involved, this is typically a fairly painless process. However, once children are involved, the process becomes more complicated and child custody issues become a concern.

Child custody can affect the child's educational future

While negotiating a divorce, Texas parents often take great care in making sure that they do what is best for their children. They look at where the child should live and provide opportunities for the child to stay connected to the other parent. Yet, one area that can easily be overlooked is how the divorce will affect the child's future education. The divorce agreement and child custody can play a role in the financial aspects related to the child and college.

Making joint custody work in Texas

Parents who separate or divorce will want what's best for their children. In a joint custody situation in Texas, that may mean putting their animosity aside and focusing on their children's needs as they move forward with co-parenting. Joint custody works best when parents still believe they are family even though the family dynamic may have changed. 

Texas child custody issues: Terminating parental rights

During a marital breakup, for whatever reasons, one parent may wish to opt out of his or her children's lives. Texas law makes that doable by having that parent relinquish his or her parental rights. This might happen when it comes to deciding child custody in the event of divorce. Parents may be able to terminate their parental rights of their own accord or a court will terminate those rights when it believes it is in the best interests of the child.

Soldier seeks child custody though not biologically related

Soldiers who serve the country often sacrifice relationships and comforts of home. Being stationed overseas while one's significant other is expecting a child can be bittersweet for both Texas parents-to-be. One soldier has found himself in a child custody battle for a boy who isn't biologically his.

Child custody after abuse can further complicate divorce issues

For those who are victims of domestic violence, the idea of relinquishing custody of their children to their abuser seems inconceivable. Many instigators of abuse have found that the court system can sometimes enable one to continue the abuse by means of obtaining joint child custody. A Texas representative has introduced a bill that would require family courts to investigate all claims of abuse before ruling in matters of custody.

Nontraditional child custody arrangements are keeping kids happy

A divorce can be upsetting for the adults involved, and it can also be traumatic for children who happen to be a part of the confusing and guilt provoking event. The separation of parents can often leave kids wondering how their new lives will look once everything is said and done. Texas parents going through a divorce may be able to ease the stress and burden of uncertainty for their children by considering nontraditional child custody options.

Texas mother violates child custody order and flees the country

Divorce usually means a complete and total separation of one person from another. For couples who have children, that separation never truly comes unless one parent chooses to leave the child's life and the other parent. For parents who choose to remain in their child's life, the process of setting up and enforcing child custody arrangements can be a sore spot, especially when one parent has family ties in other states or countries. Many Texas parents are finding that those who have the means and support to flee the country may just do so, taking the children with them, regardless of court orders or a pending divorce.

Child custody negotiations have begun for Dwight Howard's son

Texas parents can likely attest to the expense required when raising children. The expense can be difficult for parents who are left to manage the day-to-day costs for their children without the other parent's involvement. Parents often formally seek child support through family law court to ensure consistent financial assistance for their children. The mother of basketball player Dwight Howard has officially requested full child custody of their son and is expected to also request child support.

Shared parenting before a Texas child custody battle

Divorce proceedings can be long and challenging, especially if children are involved. Many Texas parents will begin the separation process by agreeing to co-parent the child or children. Acting as a united couple with regard to children after a divorce is gaining traction across the nation as lawmakers propose bills that would start with the presumption of shared parenting, rather than the traditional approach of one parent being relegated to one night a week and a few weekends a month. Parental advocate groups have been pushing for legislation and more than 20 states are considering adopting these bills, making shared parenting the presumed child custody approach when a divorce is finalized.

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