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Child Custody Archives

Lamar Sally demands sole custody of surrogate baby due in July

Texas residents who are interested in the lives of high-profile couples may be interested in the demands of Lamar Sally, who recently filed for separation from Sherri Shepherd. They were married in 2011, and because Sally has not been a resident in the state where they live for more than six months, he is not allowed to file for divorce for another three months. This separation does not promise to be amicable, and it may result in a fierce fight for sole custody of their unborn child.

Verbal agreements about child custody may lead to disputes later

Whether a divorce is amicable or not, it remains a difficult time for parents and children. It is not uncommon for couples to reach verbal agreements, only to then face disputes related to child custody or other contentious matters at a later stage. Although it may seem unnecessary at the time, it may be better to have all agreements endorsed by a Texas family court.

Appeals court rules parental rights wrongfully terminated

A father's dream of seeing his little daughter again almost came true this past week. Texas parents may be aware of the case of the father in another state, whose mental impairment and low IQ caused his daughter to be put in the care of foster parents after the mother's parental rights were also severed. The appeals court ruled that his parental rights were violated when they were wrongfully terminated.

Resolve sensitive child custody issues through mediation

Most Texas parents who are going through a divorce remain concerned about the well-being of their children and regard their relationship and continued communication as very important. No matter what the ages are of children when their parents split up, they usually become extremely vulnerable, especially when there is conflict over child custody. Regardless of who will have child custody, there are certain sensitivities that both parents may want to handle with care and understanding. There are sources of advice and assistance available through mediation to minimize the trauma.

Child custody cases do not just hit Texas residents

Bringing a child into the world is one of the most breathtaking experiences for most parents. Sadly, sometimes an innocent child gets caught in the middle of two parents who were not in a happy or healthy relationship and a child custody case may be the outcome. Not only do people in Texas go through these situations, but infamous icons are also not immune to these cases.

Parent's right to fight for child custody in Texas

Many couples who choose to get divorced also have to go through the child custody process. However, situations other than divorce can cause a couple to fight for custody of their children. These cases can be caused by numerous reasons and each situation is unique to the couple and children involved. Those going through child custody battles in Texas have to keep what is best for the children in the front of their minds.

It may be best to consider joint custody over loveless marriage

Deciding to get divorced is an emotional and difficult decision to make, especially when there are children involved. Many Texas spouses remain in their marriage for the sake of the children. However, staying in a marriage in spite of bitterness and hostility can actually cause more damage to the kids than getting a divorce and arranging joint custody.

Joint custody in Texas can be attained without troubles

Being a single parent after a divorce can be difficult, but it is worth getting used to if it means being happier in life. Having joint custody can be a challenge, and the children can ultimately be the ones who feel the strain the most. Families in Texas that know what to do when having to split custody can make the situation less of a challenge and more of an experience.

Child custody battle over abortion gets ugly

A child is usually considered a blessing, but there are instances that could lead a woman to the decision to undergo an abortion procedure. That procedure is currently legal for any woman to make for whatever reason she may have and without fear of consequences. Unfortunately that is not the case for one mother in Texas who is currently fighting a nasty child custody battle for her private decision.

A civil child custody agreement can be accomplished in Texas

Divorce, for some, may just simply be inevitable. It is not always a sure thing when a couple gets married and sometimes a divorce is what is best for all parties involved. There are several reasons that have been listed as the reasons for divorce in Texas as well as the rest of the region; however, no matter the reason behind the divorce, when a child custody agreement is involved it can become a more difficult situation to deal with.

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