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How will parental rights affect a vacation with the children?

Newly divorced parents in Texas may be adjusting to their new, single lives and complying with all the specifications of their divorce agreements and parenting schedules. Nevertheless, some stumbling blocks may arise when one of the parents decides to take the children away for a vacation. Not only will the parent have to consider the legal requirements but also the parental rights of the other parent.

Child custody: What represents the best interests of a child?

Whenever the parents of Texas children decide to get divorced, those parents may have to deal with child custody issues. It is known that the primary concern of family courts is the best interests of the children -- but what does that actually mean? Is it merely based on a judge's interpretation, or are there some set standards for a child's best interests? There appears not to be a clear answer to that question, and in child custody negotiations, parents and children often have a different perception of the concept than that of the court.

Mediation can help couples to resolve child custody issues

Many divorcing couples in Texas find it impossible to agree on matters related to child custody, also known as conservatorship and possession of their children. However, they may also not be keen to having such important decisions made by a judge in the family court who has no knowledge of the family and its dynamics. An alternative option that many parents choose is mediation. In some divorce cases, a judge may order mediation for a couple to resolve their child custody issues.

Child custody brings many less obvious responsibilities

Sole custody of a child can be obtained in various ways, including an agreement arranged by parents, a parent's death, or legal custody awarded by a Texas family court. An informal custody agreement by parents is not legal and will not hold up in court if any disputes arise. Legal child custody can be either physical custody or legal custody, or both. This is a complicated area of family law and parents may want to ensure they are informed about their legal responsibilities.

How can fathers prepare for child custody responsibilities?

Shared child custody is the choice of many divorcing parents in Texas. However, once that decision is made, the details have to be worked out. Devising a workable parenting plan may prove to bring about some issues that were not anticipated when deciding on joint child custody.

Knowing where to file for child custody may be complicated

Some Texas parents may consider filing for child custody but are unsure of the procedures, and when more than one state is involved, they may not know where to file. The family law statutes may differ from state to state, and parents may want to take advantage of the services of a legal professional. The circumstances of every child custody case are different, and an experienced family law attorney will be able to inform the parent of his or her legal rights relative to the state or states involved.

Opting for natural insemination -- what about child custody?

Texas couples or women who have been unable to conceive and carry a child, or those who are without a male partner, may be exploring artificial insemination as an alternative to adoption. According to an Internet forum, natural insemination is gaining popularity, as it avoids the invasive procedures of artificial insemination. Natural insemination involves women seeking donors on the Internet to fertilize them through intercourse, and men offering this service at no cost. While this may sound like the ideal money-saving solution, compared to the fees charged by sperm banks, it can become a legal nightmare. Child custody and child support claims are but some of the issues that may arise.

Halle Berry back in court over parental rights issue

Many Texas parents want what is best for their children. While going through a divorce is never easy, most parents find it emotionally challenging to come to agreements over the parental rights that they believe will have an impact on the lives of their children. Many of those who struggle to get past this stage of the divorce proceedings choose to utilize the services of a mediator. The objective input of such a professional often facilitates communication and compromise that would otherwise not have been possible.

Filing for child custody or modification in Texas

While Texas family laws favor joint child custody to encourage both parents to remain part of a child's life, one parent has the right to file a claim for sole custody of a child. Many factors related to the care of the child, the existing living conditions and the parent's ability to take proper care of the child will be considered in a child custody application. However, there are some basic requirements to be noted prior to filing such a claim.

Can a mother claim child support if she never married the father?

Texas parents have a responsibility to take proper care of their children. Because child support is typically addressed in court during divorce proceedings, parents who never married may be unsure of their rights relating to child support. As marriage is not a prerequisite for child support, parental responsibilities can be determined by the court regardless of a child's parents' marital status.

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