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I have child custody, but my ex isn't paying support

Children often bear the brunt of their parents' divorces. Texas couples who file for divorce have much on their plates to figure out and one of those issues when children are involved is child support and child custody. What happens though when the parent who is supposed to pay child support is falling behind or doesn't pay at all? In many of these cases, child support is often difficult to collect, even if the payor faces jail time for not paying. The advice of an experienced lawyer is necessary.

Difficult behaviors make child custody decisions more difficult

Divorce is never easy for a Texas couple, even when both parties say they are committed to proceeding through the process in an amicable manner. However, this process can be especially difficult when one spouse is displaying passive-aggressive tendencies. This type of behavior makes everything more complicated, and it can be especially harmful when children witness it or when it affects child custody decisions.

Making child custody work well for each member of the family

One of the most difficult aspects of divorce is how this choice will impact the youngest members of the family. Parents experience difficult emotions and hardship during a divorce, but they should never let these things add more complication to what they are going through. There are specific things that Texas parents can do to make this time of transition easier and child custody work better for their kids. 

Fathers often have to fight for fair child custody order

Children benefit when allowed to maintain strong relationships with both parents after a divorce. Most courts agree that joint child custody is best, yet Texas fathers often still find they have to fight for equitable parenting time and fair terms. Mothers are not necessarily better parents than dads, but there are some who think it is best for mothers to have primary custody, especially when the kids are young.

A solid child custody order is the key to co-parenting well

Kids can experience upheaval and emotional duress when their parents go through a divorce. To minimize the emotional and mental trauma a child may experience during this time, Texas parents may opt for a child custody arrangement that allows them to co-parent together. The key to making this work well is a thorough custody order and a commitment to the best interests of the children above all else.

Texas child custody: Which option is best for your kids?

When a married couple in Texas or elsewhere decides to divorce, the decision undoubtedly has a significant impact on their children's lives. Whether there is one or more children involved, parents must forge a child custody agreement when they take legal steps to finalize their divorce. There are typically numerous options available to resolve any disagreements parents might have regarding where their children should live or other important issues.

Sole custody: Reasons a Texas judge might rule in your favor

When Texas parents decide to divorce, they typically understand that their decision is going to have a significant impact on their children's lives. Many parents want to make the process as painless as possible, so they agree to file a no-fault divorce, then amicably workout the terms of their agreements. In other cases, however, an extenuating issue might prompt a concerned parent to file for sole custody of his or her children.

Keep child custody litigation and your child's therapist separate

Children are typically resilient and can adapt to new lifestyles after divorce when they understand that they are not to blame and that their parents love them and want to support them as they process their emotions. However, many parents in Texas and elsewhere have found it helpful to enlist additional support from outside sources, such as their child's teachers, guidance counselors, or, in some cases, licensed therapists. If a child is seeing a therapist, it might be a mistake for parents to try to drag him or her into their child custody litigation.

How to handle child custody during the holiday season

Many families here in Texas and around the country are gearing up for the winter holidays. That could mean travel, shopping for gifts or get-togethers with extended family. For some, it means working around a child custody schedule to give parents the determined parenting time with kids. Some families have no trouble navigating through, but others have difficulty for many reasons. Experts have advice for parents who are trying to have time with their kids while sticking to a custody schedule during the holidays.

Variety of factors involved when determining child custody cases

The decision of how to raise a child is not one that the majority of parents take lightly. And when a relationship between parents ends, it can be difficult to decide how children will be cared for going forward. Texas parents who are facing a child custody decision may benefit from understanding what factors are involved when judges are considering their ruling.

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