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Single parents eligible for child support payments, too

A child should be supported financially by both parents if at all possible, even when he or she lives in a single parent home. In Texas, as in all the country, child support is ascertained the same way whether the parent is separated, getting a divorce, unmarried or had the child after being sexually active with a stranger. The gist is, however, that the child's legal paternity must be established, although that doesn't always mean the child's biological father.

13 arrested for non-payment of child support

When two parents in Texas are not in a relationship with one another, one of them may be responsible for providing financial support to the other. This typically happens when one parent has primary custody of shared children and is therefore responsible for their day-to-day needs. Sometimes, the paying parent neglects to make proper child support payments. The reasons for doing so may be understandable, but they don't change the fact that children need those funds. One out-of-state county recently decided to crack down on parents who aren't making proper payments by launching an operation to target the issue.

Parents in one county receive help for back child support

For parents, the most important consideration in their lives is ensuring that their children receive everything they need to thrive in life. Unfortunately, many parents experience difficulty in either making or receiving child support monies in a timely manner. Texas parents who are struggling in this area may have a basis for requesting modifications to their orders in certain circumstances.

Texas city collects an estimated $39.6 million in child support

After the recent close of the federal fiscal year, child support agencies released their year-end figures for collections. One Texas city reported that it collected approximately $39.6 million through child support enforcement. Not all of these monies were the result of stringent enforcement methods, as only an estimated 10 percent of cases require advanced collection methods.

Company announces new way to make child support payments

In today's changing technology and business climate, companies are always looking for ways to streamline services and transactions. Advances in banking technology and the growth of companies that manage payments for both business and private clients have opened up new avenues for parents to obtain and make their child support payments. A recent announcement by one company may benefit noncustodial parents here in Texas and elsewhere.

One county reaches out to help parents with child support orders

Parents who find themselves in an unsustainable relationship often find themselves facing some challenging decisions. One of the most difficult is deciding with which parent a child will reside and which parent will be primarily responsible for providing child support. Though the majority of non-custodial Texas parents intend to ensure that their children's needs are met, life circumstances may make it difficult to meet their support obligations.

Former NBA legend ordered to pay exorbitant child support

No matter where one lives, one thing that can unite Texas residents with residents of other states is the love of professional sports. While many of the athletes are held up as examples of what anyone with talent and drive can achieve, the world of professional sports can take a heavy toll on family life. Many of these professionals may find themselves facing exorbitant child support orders when relationships, just like careers, come to an end.

Study reveals wide disparity in child support across the country

The costs of raising a family varies across the country. It may seem logical that child support orders would reflect the cost of living in a particular location. However, one recent study suggests that even though Texas calculates support differently than most, it is about average when it comes to support obligations.

Political figure ordered to pay back child support or face jail

Regardless of one's profession, the obligation to help provide for one's children is one of the most important matters in life. Though the majority of parents make every effort to ensure that they are in compliance with child support orders, there are parents who find themselves falling behind in these vital payments. Texas parents who are in need of assistance with either making payments or collecting these monies may seek relief through the family courts.

USDA takes steps to help improve child support compliance

Studies show that the poverty rate for children from single-parent families is significantly higher than for children who live in two-parent homes. Though there are measures that have varying success in ensuring that custodial parents receive child support payments, more may need to be done to improve the lives of these children. Texas residents who rely on assistance from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) may also benefit from increased compliance with child support orders.

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