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Mediation As A Means Of Working Through Legal Disputes

Holly Monk is an experienced attorney and serves as a mediator in all matters relating to family law cases including contested probate and guardianship matters. Courts are now requiring that parties attend mediation before moving forward to a final trial.  Mediation is an effective way to settle family law matters, including divorce, child custody, property division and child support obligations.  Mediation allows each party to have a direct say and control over the final outcome of their case, compared to submission to a Judge who only gets to know the parties for a very short period of time, sometimes just a few hours or less with the Judge making life changing decisions out of your control.

As mediator, Holly is a neutral third party who assists you and your attorney, if any, to resolve your case without the need for a judge. Holly will ensure that the parties have a clear, thorough, and individualized agreement that allows them to create a future and put an end to expensive, emotionally draining, and time-consuming litigation.

During mediation, Holly works to discover the goals of each side to maximize the division of property, minimize future litigation, and/or to forge an agreement for the protection of the children. Holly helps both sides of a case to negotiate a resolution that you have control in creating. At the end of a successful mediation, and most are successful, you leave with a binding settlement agreement. Except for the drafting of a final order your case is completed!

Because cases require different levels of time to resolve, Holly offers half, full, and hourly mediations.

  • Full-Day Session (8 Hours): $1,100.00 per party
  • Half-Day Session (4 Hours): $500.00 per party
  • Hourly Sessions: $175.00 per hour/per party – 2 hour minimum
  • Weekend mediation is also available upon request.

In-person and virtual (Zoom) mediations are available.  All major credit cards, debit cards, attorney firm checks, Zelle and money order/cashier’s checks are accepted.

Please email [email protected] for availability and/or to reserve a time slot.  You can also call us at 972-509-2725 for more information.