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Texas mother violates child custody order and flees the country

Divorce usually means a complete and total separation of one person from another. For couples who have children, that separation never truly comes unless one parent chooses to leave the child's life and the other parent. For parents who choose to remain in their child's life, the process of setting up and enforcing child custody arrangements can be a sore spot, especially when one parent has family ties in other states or countries. Many Texas parents are finding that those who have the means and support to flee the country may just do so, taking the children with them, regardless of court orders or a pending divorce.

Child custody negotiations have begun for Dwight Howard's son

Texas parents can likely attest to the expense required when raising children. The expense can be difficult for parents who are left to manage the day-to-day costs for their children without the other parent's involvement. Parents often formally seek child support through family law court to ensure consistent financial assistance for their children. The mother of basketball player Dwight Howard has officially requested full child custody of their son and is expected to also request child support.

Shared parenting before a Texas child custody battle

Divorce proceedings can be long and challenging, especially if children are involved. Many Texas parents will begin the separation process by agreeing to co-parent the child or children. Acting as a united couple with regard to children after a divorce is gaining traction across the nation as lawmakers propose bills that would start with the presumption of shared parenting, rather than the traditional approach of one parent being relegated to one night a week and a few weekends a month. Parental advocate groups have been pushing for legislation and more than 20 states are considering adopting these bills, making shared parenting the presumed child custody approach when a divorce is finalized.

Texas fathers are fighting back in child custody cases

Whether the divorce of a Texas couple is amicable or not, the process of dissolving a marriage is often very difficult for the adults and little ones involved. Child custody is often a point of contention for both parents, and children are simply caught in the middle. Often custody is given to the mother, but Texas fathers are fighting back and gaining some ground when a child custody battle ensues.

Sole custody can be awarded in Texas if one parent flees

When divorce or separation become the next logical step in a suffering or unhappy Texas union, emotions can run high. When children are involved in the relationship, some parents have the ability to work out the differences and place the needs and best interests of the child first. Others feel that sole custody is the only answer and resort to illegal measures to keep the child from the other parent. 

Child custody across Texas state lines

Raising children and having a career can be a balancing act that never seems to balance. The demands of parenthood and work can create a stressful environment that makes a parent feel incapable of doing enough, in either capacity. When a Texas couple splits up and child custody becomes another ball added to the ever-balancing juggling act of family and career, the situation can become overwhelming. Celebrity parents aren't immune from these difficult issues.

A complex divorce can bring out the worst in Texas residents

Many Texas couples build their lives and wealth as a team. Working together, they find a need in a market and work tireless hours to turn an idea into a tangible product. Building the dream and the financial empire can take years and sometimes an emotional toll on couples. Some fair better than others, and the relationship deepens and the respect and love grow along with the business. In some cases, as such with a couple who is filing for divorce after 67 years of marriage, overtime, the relationship breaks down and the marriage dissolves, leaving attorneys to manage the complex divorce.

Joint custody in Texas helps kids feel secure after a divorce

Making the decision to follow through with a divorce in Texas can be stressful for the adults in the dissolving marriage. When children are involved, the feelings can range from guilt to regret, to anger and hatred and everything in between. Parents can intentionally decide to make the divorce much easier on the kids by looking at the idea of co-parenting with joint custody. This decision can have lasting positive effects on the children and create a family bond that isn't tarnished by accusations and inappropriate tactics.

Co-parenting can blur child custody boundaries for Texas parents

Divorce can be a complete and total separation from an ex-spouse's life. For those couples who have children, however, that separation never truly comes unless one parent chooses to leave the child's life. For those adults who choose to remain in the child's life, the process of setting up and enforcing child custody arrangements can be a contentious spot within the divorce, creating a divide between parents and possibly between parents and kids. Many Texas residents are utilizing co-parenting as a means to keep a feeling of family intact for their kids. For adults who have a narcissistic ex-partner, co-parenting can be more of the same brutal torture that was endured during the once blissful marriage.

Child custody in Texas doesn't have to alienate a parent

When a Texas marriage dissolves, the life that once was is often broken apart, and piece by piece, divided and made into something that the now single ex-spouse can use towards making a new life. With material things, this is sometimes the easiest part. When children are involved and child custody cannot be worked out between the two parents, the stakes are higher and the tactics can sometimes be down right vicious. As of late, a new trend is coming to light that has recently divorced and now single parents very worried.

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