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Proving the best interests of the children for custody

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2023 | Child Custody |

Sometimes, parents who go through a separation or divorce both want custody of their children. In the state of Texas, courts will use the best interests of the child as the basis for custody decisions. This term basically refers to which parent is best fit to care for the children and can meet the children’s needs. Here are some ways parents can show that they serve the best interest of the children and win custody. 

Show cooperation with the other parent 

Children often benefit the most when both parents remain a part of their lives. A parent is more likely to get custody if he or she shows a willingness to co-parent or cooperate with the other parent. If the other parent is uncooperative or confrontational, it is helpful to keep a record of the conversations with them to show interactions. 

Know the children’s interests 

Parents seeking custody should also show the court how well they know their children. This can mean knowing their favorite foods, colors and the extracurricular activities the kids are involved in. It is often helpful to bring evidence such as photos to show closeness. 

Have stable and safe housing 

Kids need a stable, safe place to live. If one parent can a stable housing situation, he or she will have a better chance at obtaining custody. In some cases, the parent who remains in the family home after divorce is more likely to gain custody. 

Professional help 

When courts in Texas believe one parent serves the children’s best interests more than the other, that parent is most likely to gain custody. Thankfully, there is help available for any parent in Texas who wants to know more about obtaining custody or has questions about child custody. A seasoned and knowledgeable family law attorney can answer questions and guide parents through this confusing time.