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The first steps to take when negotiating child support

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2022 | Child Support |

When parents in Texas divorce or separate, it can create many hardships for everyone involved. A parental divorce not only breaks up a family, but it can also bring about financial difficulties. In Texas, child support was established to ensure the economic needs of children are met when parents go their separate ways. As children grow and situations change, it may be necessary for parents to change the child support arrangements. Here are the first steps parents can take if they need to negotiate child support. 

Know the laws 

The way child support is handled depends on the state. To determine the amount of child support, most states use a calculation or formula. Before negotiating, it is important to become familiar with the state laws surrounding child support, as these laws will ultimately affect the outcome. 

Know both incomes 

Income is the primary factor when it comes to determining child support, so it is crucial to know the correct income amounts for each party when negotiating. Obviously, exchanging financial information with an ex may be easier said than done. However, do not calculate child support amounts until this information has been disclosed. Knowing the correct incomes of both parents is necessary for the appropriate amount of child support to be awarded. 

Request reviews 

The economic needs of the children will change as they grow. To account for this, many parents agree to occasional reviews of child support payments. Most courts favor this. It’s no secret that negotiating child support can be difficult and stressful. Parents in Texas who have questions or need help with negotiating child support payments may want to consider speaking with an experienced and knowledgeable family law attorney.