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Help to overcome the blues post-divorce

On Behalf of | May 12, 2022 | High Asset Divorce |

Many people whose marriages end are faced with a number of emotions with which they must contend. Some — especially those going through a high-asset divorce — face some challenging and complex issues during the divorce process. A certain level of depression following a divorce is also something some Texas residents face. Following are a few methods to deal with post-divorce depression. 

Allow the feelings 

Divorce is typically an emotional experience, but these emotions happen for a reason. To move past these feelings, it may be necessary to allow them. Just be careful to avoid wallowing in these emotions. It may be helpful to set aside a time each day to grieve, but then try to get up and get moving once the time is up. 

Keep with good habits 

For some, depression can be debilitating both during and after a divorce to the point that it might be hard to eat or even get out of bed. However, it is crucial to develop and maintain healthy habits during this time. Stay active and maintain a balanced and nutritious diet. These things can prove invaluable toward ultimately moving past any sadness. 

Accept help from family and friends 

It may be tempting to stay in isolation and wallow in difficult and raw emotions. But this can have a negative impact on a person dealing with post-divorce depression. If possible, reach out to family and close friends for support, and try to socialize and be around them as much as possible. Depression following a high-asset divorce is more common than many realize. As challenging as it may sometimes seem, try to remain positive and look at the divorce as the beginning of a new life and future.