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What if a teen doesn’t follow a custody schedule?

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2022 | Child Custody |

Most teenagers are at the point where they want to assert some of their own independence and personality. For Texas parents, this isn’t always an easy road, especially when there are child custody orders in place and the teen chooses to ignore them. Since many teens believe they can take care of themselves, a split-household arrangement can be even tougher on them, as living out of two homes isn’t always easy.

Not always a simple remedy

There isn’t always an easy fix to this issue, especially when parents live far from each other. Even when a teen has his or her driver’s license, a relatively short drive could mean missing extra-curricular activities for a teen or being late for an after-school job. If one home is closer to certain activities in which the teen is participating, the desire may be to stay at the closest home. There is much to consider when pondering whether or not the teen is ignoring the rules haphazardly.

Changing schedule expectations

If a teen is ignoring a custody schedule, struggling to manage personal time, rushing to school or meetings, or he or she is having a tough time socializing, it may be time to rethink a custody schedule. Parents may want to sit down and talk about fashioning a new schedule, which could mean the teen is in the same home during the week.  It also may be a positive move to involve the teen in this conversation.

Child custody issues can become more challenging as a child gets older. Once children in Texas get become teenagers, they will most likely want to have a say in what happens in their lives. Having the support and guidance of an experienced attorney during these times can help smooth out many of the difficulties that arise.