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Visitation with infants may be arduous

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2022 | Child Custody |

It’s typically vital that both parents are involved in a child’s life after they have divorced. Once parents in Texas have agreed on child custody issues, a visitation schedule needs to be established, but if the child is an infant and has precise needs, this can be particularly challenging. Professionals say visits should be short in duration to begin with, especially since there is no real way of solving the issue.  

Overnight stays typically aren’t feasible during infancy 

Most infants are still breastfeeding and can’t spend a long time away from their mothers, so overnight stays with the father are probably not doable. As the child gets older and his or her immediate needs become less vital, the child can spend more time on these visits. Some courts refuse to order overnight visits until the child is at least three years old. Taking small steps in these instances is often the best way to move forward.  

Bonding with the child 

Unless a family court judge rules otherwise, both parents have the right to bond with their baby, and this means spending time with him or her. A routine will be able to be set once the child grows and can handle it. Then a schedule can be set to respect the custodial rights of each parent. 

Supporting a child’s future best interests is at the core of all things related to child custody. The best interests of a parent will always come second to the children. With that said, if a parent feels his or her rights are being infringed upon, it may be necessary for the parent to investigate his or her options by speaking with a Texas attorney who can provide guidance and support for any child custody issues.