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Is teenage rebellion unavoidable during divorce?

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2022 | Child Support |

As a parent, you know how difficult a child’s teenage years can be. After all, according to Psychology Today, most teens are constantly struggling to cope with hormonal changes, peer pressure, interpersonal relationships and sexual awakening. All of these can lead to misbehavior and rebellion.

If your teen has mostly been a good kid, you may wonder why he or she is choosing to act out after receiving news of your divorce. While divorce causes some kids to rebel, you can take steps to keep your son or daughter from going too far off the rails.

Trying time-ins

When your child was young, you may have used time-outs to punish him or her for misbehavior. These may not work so well on your teen, though. To keep from alienating the young one in your family, you may want to try time-ins.

With time-ins, you spend quality parenting time with your son or daughter. During this time, you have an opportunity to explore your teen’s feelings about your divorce. If your child knows you are there for him or her, rebellion may become less frequent.

Providing regular reassurances

Your teen has significantly less life experience than you and your husband have. Consequently, your divorce may be the biggest life interruption your son or daughter has ever experienced. By providing regular reassurances that your teen is in a safe place, you may help to moderate his or her reaction to your divorce.

You know your divorce will not last forever, and life will eventually return to normal. Ultimately, by keeping your teen’s life as normal as possible during and immediately after your divorce, you may help to keep his or her emotional response under control.