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Child custody mediation and you

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2022 | Child Custody |

During a divorce you want things to go smoothly, especially for your children. It is a rocky time of tense communication and big changes for them.

According to the United States Census Bureau, approximately 16.6 million children live with a mother or father only. This statistic does not solely involve children of divorce, nor does it specify the nuance of each situation. Mediation is where you discuss those nuances. When discussing the interests of your children, with an attorney or at the mediation table, it is important to understand the process basics to find the best living situation for them.

Approaching the mediation table

A neutral place to discuss the interests of your children goes a long way to prove to the courts that you and your spouse can see past each others’ personal feelings. Courts may not grant joint custody if they believe you cannot.

Being prepared at the mediation table

Understanding your position, your resources and your objectives is vital to coming to an agreement with your spouse during child support mediation. In order to come to a fitting compromise, you must first identify your ideal. If you want full custody, there is a lot involved in proving to your spouse and to the courts that you have the resources to fulfill that responsibility. Knowing your ideal is one thing and knowing how far you are willing to compromise is another.

These questions are big and the livelihoods of your children are at stake. When pursuing child custody mediation it is important to use every resource to make your wishes clear so there is less confusion during the mediation process.